Computational approaches for studying astrocyte dynamics and astrocyte-neuron communication

Poster of the CNS 2021 workshop

Annual Computational Neuroscience meeting CNS*2021 (Organization for Computational Neurosciences), July 2021

Speakers: Yukiko Goda, Riken, Japan; Alla Borisyuk, University of Utah, USA; Jennifer Shih, MIT, USA; Annalisa Scimemi, University of Albany, USA; Guoqiang Yu, Virginia Tech, USA; Laszlo Heja, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary; Anup Pillai, University of Ottawa, Canada; Renaud Jolivet, Université de Genève, Switzerland; Max Collard (Poskanzer lab), UCSF, USA; Audrey Denizot, OIST, Japan; Ron Refaeli, The Hebrew University, Israel; Kerstin Lenk, Graz University of Technology, Austria.

More information on the workshop can be found on the dedicated website.

Most talks have been recorded and are available on the Youtube account of the OCNS (Workshop 1, CNS*2021).

Let’s join forces - Bridging the gap between experimental, computational and data sciences to disentangle astrocyte calcium activity

Interdisciplinary collaboration at ESN 2021

European Society for Neurochemistry Virtual Conference 2021, “Future perspectives for European neurochemistry – a young scientists conference”, May 2021

Speakers: Ana Covelo, Universitế de Bordeaux, France; Anaïs Badoual, INRIA, France; Audrey Denizot, OIST, Japan.

We wrote a review article summarizing the points discussed during the workshop, available here.