During my spare time, I enjoy doing some science communication and participating in public outreach events.

I am a member of the editorial and director boards of Papier Mâché, association providing a website for the dissemination of scientific publications, in French. Our objective is to make them accessible and understandable to all French speakers. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn about our most recent articles!

I wrote a “papier mâché” in 2021, entitled “Le confinement 2.0 : comment la localisation de certaines molécules impacte la capacité des cellules à communiquer”. It summarizes the work from Thillaiappan et al. on the influence of the location of IP3R clusters on calcium activity. You can find it here (in French).

Artistic photo of thrown dice “Has’art” © Audrey Denizot. Photography illustrating the randomness of the reactions that I model, represented here with dice in movement.

I have been an active member of the French public outreach and science communication association DéMesures from 2017-2020. The aim of the association is to raise awareness of the importance of scales in science and humanities and to awaken critical thinking of the young and general public. Check out their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts for recent updates on their activities.

Photo of a science image exhibition with DéMesures Photography taken during an event organized by DéMesures in 2019, presenting an exhibition of ‘Mystery Science Pictures’ entitled “Mémoire”.

During my time at DéMesures, I co-organized the following projects: